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My name is John Arender and I have been specializing in wedding videography and photography since 2015. I filmed my first wedding as a favor to some dear friends and quickly realized that there wasn't a better job that I could have. Being a part of someone's wedding, one the happiest days of their lives, is not something that I take lightly or for granted. It's an honor to be able to capture the joining of two families and the start of another. I love what I do; capturing those who love each other.


  • I am engaged to the most beautiful woman in whole world.
  • I was born and raised in Mississippi and I currently live in Hattiesburg.
  • I love Coca-Cola.
  • In another life, I would have been an astronaut.
  • I love making and listening to music.
  • Banana pudding is the best dessert, don't question me.
  • Traveling is very important to me. The more you see the world, the more you understand other people.
  • I equally enjoy big cities and the middle of nowhere.
  • The mountains are 10x better than the beach.
  • Taco Bell is good for you and a key component of the food groups.